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Airborne Slam
Airborne Slam.png
Rocket into the sky on an air jet before slamming into the ground to create a violent burst of wind!
Element Air Air.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Melee, Jump, movement
Damage 50
Hit Count 1
Cooldown 6s
Knockback 40, 15
Cost 22 Chaos gem.png
175 Gold.png
Pool 4
Id ?
Creates smaller wind bursts that ripples forward after impact!
Damage 50, 10
Hit Count 3
Cost 200 Gold.png

Airborne Slam is a Standard Air Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Jump forward in the direction you are aiming When you land a large blast of air is released in front of you which deals 50 damage, knocks enemies back and slows them.

If enhanced, the blast of air creates small vortices of wind which carry enemies even further away while dealing 2 hits of 10 damage.


This is a great arcana to initiate fights with since you push away and slow enemies, making it difficult for them to retaliate.

While you are airborne you are unable to be damaged. This allows you to jump over attacks to avoid taking damage from them.

You may need to back away from enemies to ensure they are in Airborne Slam's range.

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