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Alchemist's Stone
Alchemist's Stone.png
DescriptionAll Chaos Gems gained during the Chaos Trials are transmuted into gold!
Cost- Chaos gem.png
- Gold.png

Alchemist's Stone is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Every Chaos Gem collected is transmuted into 3 Gold.


Take this Relic when Chaos Gems are of no use (i.e., after all Arcana, Relics, and Outfits have been acquired). Also take this Relic if there are no planned purchases after completing the run, or if completing the run itself is more valuable than any purchase.

Item combos[]

  • Alchemist's Stone will not allow the healing from Jewelry Box to take place, despite the animation for receiving healing being played (i.e., the animation will play but total health will remain the same).
  • Dagger of Midas pairs well with the gold increase.
  • Gilded Helm pairs well with the gold increase.
  • Mercenary's Dagger will provide a longer-lasting 25% damage bonus to Signature and Standard Arcana as the total amount of gold carried will be increased, thus increasing the total period of time this damage bonus is in effect.

Spell combos[]

Due to the nature of this relic, no spells benefit from its effect directly.

Additional notes[]

  • This only effects Chaos Gems picked up after holding the item. Any Chaos Gems already picked up will not be transmuted into gold.
  • Changing Chaos Gems to gold may or may not be beneficial. In early game when you are still purchasing items, Chaos Gems are very valuable. However, in the late game (e.g., when all Relics and Arcana are purchased) Chaos Gems become superfluous and gold becomes more valuable.
  • This is a reference to the legendary Philosopher's Stone, which ancient Alchemists sought to create.