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Autograph Pad
Autograph Pad.png
DescriptionDamage and movement speed is increased while signature arcana is charged! Your signature charge also lasts longer!
Cost25 Chaos gem.png
125 Gold.png

Autograph Pad is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Increases damage and run speed by 20% while signature Arcana is fully charged. Full signature charge also lasts 20% longer.


Charge up a Signature then postpone using it for as long as possible, only activating it when the charge is about to expire. This will allow full use of the damage and run speed buffs from Autograph Pad.

Item combos[]

  • Infinity Marble prevents a fully charged Signature from decaying, making the effect from Autograph Pad permanent upon first charge up to casting Signature, or level exit.
  • Secret Wild Card gives two Signature casts per charge, allowing one of the two charged Signatures to benefit from the increased damage.

Spell combos[]

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