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Bolt Rail
Bolt Rail.png
Direct a short stream of lightning!
Element Lightning Lightning.png
Type Basic
Subtypes none
Damage 5, 10
Hit Count 6 per combo
Cooldown 0
Knockback 1
Cost 10 Chaos gem.png
50 Gold.png
Pool 1
Id ?
Final burst is larger and shocks foes!
Damage 5, 10, 10 (shock)
Hit Count 6 per combo
Cost 75 Gold.png

Bolt Rail is a Basic Lightning Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Conjure a short stream of lightning in front of you which deals 5 damage. Each combo of this basic arcana is 5 casts long, with a burst of electricity, dealing 10 damage and knocking foes back being added to the final cast.

If enhanced, the final cast chains to nearby enemies and applies shock but does not knock them back.

That attack button can be held to perform a full combo of lightning streams.


Bolt Rail can stun-lock basic enemies by itself if used quickly after its duration ends.

Try to bunch enemies together so that all of them can be hit by the streams.

The final burst of enhanced version covers a large area making it good at controlling a large group of enemies.

Spell combos[]

  • Fuelled Berserk increases the speed of you basic arcana, allowing you to cast continuous stream that stun-locks basic enemies and racks up solid charge for your signature arcana. However the knockback from an unenhanced Bolt Rail will push enemie out of its range.
  • Magnetic Follow-up releases projectiles when attacking with your basic arcana. Since Bolt Rail has 5 casts in its combo it releases the most stones per second of any basic arcana. Combined with Fuelled Berserk and/or Silver Spinning Top, will provide an enormous hit count in a short amount of time.
  • Calming Flow reduces cooldowns at the end of each combo.
  • Evading Zephyr allows you to evade all incoming attacks while using a basic arcana.

Item combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • The stream of lightning is not affected by collision, meaning you can hit enemies through walls and statues as long as they are within range.
  • The final burst is only triggered if Bolt Rail hits an enemy.

Video demonstration[]