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Bubble Barrage
Bubble Barrage.png
Rapidly fire a stream of explosive bubbles!
Element Water Water.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 10
Hit Count 10
Cooldown 0.5s per charge
Knockback 15
Cost 25 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 5
Id ?
Bubbles are larger and deal more damage!
Damage 12
Hit Count 10
Cost 175 Gold.png

Bubble Barrage is a Standard Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


This arcana passively builds charges up to a maximum of 10. When cast, all available charges are used with each charge releasing a small bubble in the direction you are aiming which will pop on contact with an enemy, dealing 10 damage knocking them away. The bubbles spread out and slow down after the are released, causing them to linger at medium range in front of you. They will automatically detonate after 5 seconds and lightly bounce off walls.

If enhanced, the bubbles are about twice the size and deal 12 damage on contact.


Bubble Barrage is a simple yet very versatile arcana capable providing high damage, crowd control and defence depending on how it is used;

  • To maximise the damage of a full barrage of bubbles get as close as possible to an enemy before casting to ensure that all of them hit. This is extremely effective against enemies that are immune to knockback (Minibosses, Council Members, Macho Ghouls, Golems and Coffin Knights) since the bubbles will not push them away. The bubble's high knockback makes this strategy less effective against smaller enemies as they will be knocked back, however this can be alleviated by trapping the enemy in a corner, entangling them beforehand or using relics that remove knockback such as Mystic Monopole and Bewitching Glue.
  • The bubble's high knockback allows you to easily create space by knocking enemies away. This is useful to avoid being surrounded, block enemies form chasing you or moving enemies into range of other arcana.
  • Since the bubbles spread out and linger they can be used to "screen" against incoming projectiles by slowly sweeping your aim from one side to another. This usage is greatly improved by the enhanced version as the larger bubbles provide a greater and more reliable coverage.

The high knockback makes it easy to push enemies into pits.

Be careful when using Bubble Barrage against enemies at close range as the slight random spread of the bubbles may cause enemies to be pushed in unexpected direction or even behind you.

A full barrage of bubbles can rapidly charge a Signature due to its high damage (100-120) and hitcount.

Spell combos[]

Item combos[]

  • Gloves of Gambit increases the damage of each bubble.
  • Ring of Reserves adds 2 additional charges, taking the total up to 12.
  • Reinforced Bracers allows the bubbles to destroy all enemy projectiles, further improving the reliability of Bubble Barrage's defence.
  • Mystic Monopole and Bewitching Glue greatly reduce/remove the knockback of the bubbles allowing them to more reliably deal damage. However this almost completely removes their ability to act as crowd control.
  • Wings of Icarus heal you whenever you push an enemy into a pit.

Additional notes[]