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Bubble Blast
Bubble Blast.png
Surround yourself in a flurry of bubbles!
Element Water Water.png
Type Dash
Subtypes movement, Projectile
Damage 5
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 6s per charge
Knockback 12, 16
Duration ~1s
Cost 17 Chaos gem.png
50 Gold.png
Pool 4
Id ?
Increases the size of summoned bubbles!
Damage 6
Hit Count 12
Duration 1s
Cost 75 Gold.png

Bubble Blast is a Dash Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Dash forward in the direction you are moving, surrounding yourself in a flurry of 12 bubbles which slowly spread out around you. Each bubble pops on contact with an enemy dealing 5 damage and knocking them back. They will automatically detonate after about 1 second deflect off of walls.

If enhanced, the bubbles are about twice as large and deal 6 damage each.

This arcana can be used when on cooldown, but no bubbles will be released.


Dashing directly through enemies will cause several bubbles to hit a single target, increasing the damage output. It will also disperse groups making it easier retaliate on a single enemy, or allow you to dash through a group of enemies to avoid being cornered.

The bubbles will destroy enemy projectiles, creating a temporary defensive barrier around you. This can be be best utilised by dashing backwards away from incoming projectiles as the bubbles will be placed between you and the projectile.

Since the bubbles are released in randomly, enemies may be knocked in unexpected directions.

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Additional notes[]

  • The bubbles produced behave identically to those from Bubble Barrage except they only deal half the damage.