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Burn Cycle
Burn Cycle.png
ElementFire Fire.png
SubtypesMelee, movement, Jump
DescriptionUnleashes a fiery combo!
Damage12, 40
Hit Count3
Cost26 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
DescriptionCombo is larger and burns enemies!
Damage12, 40, 16 (burn)
Hit Count3
Cost175 Gold.png

Burn Cycle is a Standard Fire Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Element: Fire Type: Standard Subtypes: Melee, Movement, Jump

Move forward rapidly while unleashing a combo consisting of 2 fiery kicks which both deal 12 damage and push enemies forwards before ending with a kick that releases a wide plume of flame, dealing 40 damage and causing you to jump backwards .

If enhanced, each kick covers a larger area and the final kick inflicts level 1 burn (8 ticks of 2 damage).


Burn Cycle is a unique movement arcana since it deals damage over both a long and wide area, while most movement arcana only cover one or the other,

Hitting multiple enemies causes them to be bunched together at the end of the combo, allowing for an easy follow up with another arcana.

The backwards jump puts a considerable distance between you and the enemies you grouped together, meaning you will have to use projectiles other movement arcana or simply walk forwards if you wish to follow-up on them.

The rework to include a backwards leap in Burn Cycle allows it to fulfil a role as a combo extender to chain together multiple jump arcana back-to-back, which was previously only provided by Fadeaway Rhythm.

Similar to other jump arcana, you are invulnerable while you are leaping backwards. However it is nearly impossible to utilise this to purposefully dodge an attack due to how the jump is triggered and performed.

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