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Calming Flow
Calming Flow.png
Enter a calming state where every last hit of your basic arcana lowers all cooldowns!
Element Water Water.png
Type Standard
Subtypes buff
Damage n/a
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 7.5s
Knockback ?
Duration 4.25s
Cost 11 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 2
Id ?
Immediately lowers cooldowns on use!
Damage 25
Hit Count 1
Cost 175 Gold.png

Calming Flow is a Standard Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


When activated, you enter a calming state for a duration of 4.25 seconds indicated by bubbles and water particle effects around you. Whenever you perform the final attack of a basic arcana combo in this state all active cooldowns are reduced by 2 seconds.

If enhanced, activating Calming Flow reduces active cooldowns by 2 seconds and releases a small deluge of water around you which deals 25 damage.


The usage of Calming Flow revolves around performing basic combos to reduce cooldowns and weaving arcana in-between combos when they come off cooldown. This is effective when attacking a boss during their downphase since they are rather immobile and there are no other enemies to interrupt you.

It is best to use focus on using only one or two other arcana when Calming Flow is active as this keeps downtime between basic combos low and an it prevents you from being overwhelmed by many actions, allowing you to maintain focus.

A build containing Rip Tide, Fuelled Berserk, Demi's Teapot and Silver Spinning Top will maximise the amount of times that cooldowns are reset.

Spell combos[]

  • Fuelled Berserk increases the speed of your basic arcana and causes combos to repeat automatically. This massively improves Calming Flows effectiveness as cooldowns will be reset more often and it is much easier to use since the attack button can be held to perform multiple combos.
  • Basic arcana that execute a combo quickly (e.g. Bolt Rail, Spark Contact, Chaos Crusher, Earth Knuckles) help to maximise the amount of times that cooldowns are lowered in the active duration.
    • Rip Tide and the enhanced version of Earth Knuckles will lower cooldowns on each cast, making them the most effective basics to use with Calming Flow.
  • Arcana that have cooldowns close to or below 2 seconds (notably Mortal Coil, Wind Flurry, Fading Petal, Ion Spike, Bubble Barrage) will be reset by only one basic combo, allowing you to cast them many times in quick succession.
  • Arc Sphere lingers long enough that you can use Calming Flow to cast another while the first is still active, allowing you to keep it on an enemy for a particularly long time.
  • "Fire and Forget" arcana such as Phantom Brigade, Phantom Squadron, Dragon Surge and Wind Sentry pair well with Calming Flow as the require almost no aiming to deal damage due to their auto targeting nature. This allows you to focus more on performing basic combos or dodging attacks when needed.

Item combos[]

  • Demi's Teapot increase the the active duration of Calming Flow up to 5.95 seconds.
  • Combo Gloves allows you to perform two final casts of your basic arcana. Both of these will reduce cooldowns by 2 seconds, roughly doubling the effectiveness of Calming Flow.
  • Using several relics that reduce cooldowns ( Roxel's Pendulum, Tozy's Pocket Watch, Curse Eater's Watch, Double Toil etc) can reduce the cooldowns of many arcana to the point that one or two basic combos will reset them.
  • Silver Spinning Top makes arcana activate faster allowing you to perform a basic combo quicker and reset cooldowns more times within Calming Flow's duration.

Additional notes[]