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Cardice Prime
Cardice Prime.png
ElementWater (Ice) Ice.png
DescriptionConjure a rapidly revolving ring of icy blades!
Hit Countup to 42
Cost12 Chaos gem.png
175 Gold.png
DescriptionConjures additional blades and all blades fly outward when released!
Hit Countup to 56

Cardice Prime is a Standard Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Conjure a ring of 6 icy blades that orbit around you for a duration of 4 seconds, which rapidly deal hits of 3 damage to any enemy they touch. Each blade can deal a maximum of 7 hits before it breaks allowing the full ring to deal up to 42 hits. It is notable that the blades can only break before the end of their uptime when they are damaging two or more opponents.

If enhanced, 8 blades are conjured causing damage to be dealt more rapidly increasing the total hitcount to 56. When a blade reaches its hitcount or the 4 seconds have passed the blade is fired outwards dealing 3 damage before dissipating after a short distance.


Cardice Prime acts as an effective means of passively damaging enemies while you are using other arcana. This pairs particularly well with close-range builds since enemies will be in range of the blade or movement arcana based builds since they allow you to cover a large area while you have the blades around you, making it easy to damage many enemies.

The blades will defend you from melee based enemies as they will be damaged by the blades if they try to attack you. Keep in mind that Lancers can still attack from outside the blade' range.

While the blades are active you can dash or ram into enemies to deal damage.

Be careful when using Cardice prime against two or more enemies at once as there is the possibility of the blades breaking and leaving you partially exposed.

Spell combos[]

Item combos[]

  • Stanza of Frost increases the damage of the blades.
  • Due to Cardice Prime's very high hitcount, relics that have a chance to apply a status effect such as Tesla Coil, Phoenix Talon or Permafrost Cube pair well with it.
  • Singing Bowl causes all 42 (56) hits of Cardice Prime to deal critical hits, drastically increasing the overall damage.
    • If used alongside Vampire's Eyeglasses you can regenerate a substantial amount of health if you maximise the amount of hits the blades can deal.

Additional notes[]

  • Since the cooldown is 7.5s and the blades linger for 4s, Cardice Prime has an effective cooldown of only 3.5 seconds.
  • The developer commentary mentions that Cardice Prime is a direct reference to the Summoned Swords used by Vergil throughout the Devil May Cry game franchise.
  • Cardice is another name for solid Carbon Dioxide AKA dry ice.