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Cascading Blitz
Cascading Blitz.png
Blasts out a chain of water blobs before using them to pummel foes with a series of blows!
Element Water Water.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Melee, movement, Shield
Damage 10
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 6s
Knockback 10, 15, 25
Cost 11 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 2
Id ?
Summons a ball of water to shield you that explodes at the end of your blitz!
Damage 10, 15
Hit Count 9
Cost 175 Gold.png

Cascading Blitz is a Standard Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Slowly advance in the direction you are aiming while slapping enemies in front of you with blobs of water, creating a series of 7 water blasts dealing 10 damage each. The blasts have a slight knockback keeping enemies in front of you while you advance.

If enhanced, you surround yourself in a orb of water which can absorb up to 50 damage while you move forwards. The blitz now consists of 8 blasts of 10 damage and ends with the orb of water collapsing to release a large deluge in front of you dealing 15 damage and knocking enemies further back.


Your slow movement and the long but thin hitbox of Cascading Blitz makes it struggle against spread out groups of enemies as they can attack you from the sides and interrupt your advance. To alleviate this try to line up or tightly group together enemies before unleashing Cascading Blitz so ensure that all are hit.

Be wary of projectile based enemies since they can easily interrupt Cascading Blitz. Focus on these enemies first by closing ground on them to lessen their threat.

The enhanced version is a massive upgrade to the normal version since its shield makes an otherwise rather vulnerable arcana very safe to use and can even allow you to use Cascading Blitz to tank damage from attacks that you could not avoid. On top of this it also increases the damage of the blitz, so enhancing Cascading Blitz a top priority in any run.

The final blast of the enhanced version tends to group enemies together, making it easy to follow-up on them with other arcana.

Since the blasts have a slight knockback, Cascading Blitz can be used to easily push enemies into pits.

Spell combos[]

  • Shearing Chain pairs extremely well with Cascading Blitz since they can be easily chained together in a combo to keep pushing enemies backwards with rapid hits as you advance. Shearing Chain also is better at dealing with spread out groups, further complementing Cascading Blitz by compensating for its downside.
  • Arcana that surround you such as Cardice Prime and Earthen Aegis provide a defence while you perform a blitz by hitsunning enemies near you and in the case of Earthen Aegis, blocking projectiles. Enemies caught by Cascading Blitz will also be take damage form them alongside the blasts.
  • Tearing Whirlwind, Spiraling Typhoon and other arcana that group enemies up are useful for setting up Cascading Blitz.
  • Movement arcana (e.g. Shock Assault, Seismic Entry, Glacial Cross, Rushing Typhoon, Thunder Drop) are effective at gaining ground and following-up on enemies pushed back by Cascading Blitz.

Item combos[]

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