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Chaotic Echoes
Chaotic Echoes.png
Summon an offensive barrier around you as you dash! Project two spectral copies of yourself that attack in the direction of your next dash!
Element Chaos Chaos.png
Type Dash
Subtypes movement
Damage 12
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 4s
Knockback ?
Cost ? Chaos gem.png
250 Gold.png
Id ?

Chaotic Echoes is a Dash Chaos Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Element: Chaos Type: Dash Subtype: Movement

Dash forward in the direction you are moving, conjuring a small barrier of chaos around you which deals 12 damage.

Two spectral echoes of yourself are also summoned behind you which dash forwards after a slight delay in an "X" shape dealing 12 damage each. The echoes dash in the direction of any subsequent dashes performed by you, up to a maximum of 3 times before they dissipate. If you remain still, the echoes will automatically dash behind you then forwards again before dissipating.

This dash can be used when on cooldown with each dash conjuring a barrier, however no echoes will be summoned.


Can be used to build signature charge rather quickly, offering as good compensation for the use of arcana that do not charge signature such as agents. If you can dash before the copies expire, multiple copies can exist at one time.

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Additional notes[]

While this arcana is on cooldown, you won't be able create the spectral copies, but you will still deal damage while dashing. Copies can "stand" over pits.