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Chaotic Rift
Chaotic Rift.png
Dash through a rift torn open by primal chaos!
Element Chaos Chaos.png
Type Dash
Subtypes ?
Damage -
Hit Count -
Cooldown 0.5 sec
Knockback -
Cost - Chaos gem.png
300 Gold.png
Id ?

Chaotic Rift is a Dash Chaos Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Dash into a rift which teleports the player forward after a fixed delay. If the exit point is obstructed by a wall, the exit portal is instead placed at maximum available distance. Due to the unique way in which this dash works, it can be used to teleport over projectiles and narrow walls, as the player is untargetable during the dash.


The mechanism of this 'dash' allows players to blink over projectiles, functionally similar in effect to Leemo's Leaf with other dashes.

Spell combos[]

Item combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • This is the only dash arcana that makes the player untargetable during the dash.
  • This dash allows you to pass over small and medium walls.
  • The teleport mechanism functions on a fixed delay regardless of distance, with the camera panning smoothly from entry to exit point over the cast time.
  • The player cannot be hit during the entire teleport animation, although status effects can still damage the player during this time.
  • Teleport distance does not benefit from Greased Boots
  • Can dash into cutscenes, altering your start position in a fight
    • With Flashy Boots the award ceremony can be skipped entirely
  • Unexpectedly, the player cannot dash through walls in town and at home
  • If the dash destination is invalid, the player will be set at their original position, even if there was a valid destination within the rift distance