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Covert Ops Mask
Covert Ops Mask.png
After evading an attack, all of your attacks will be critical hits for a short duration!
Type Offense
Cost 26 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 5
ID CritAfterEvade

Covert Ops Mask is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


After evading an attack, all of your attacks are critical hits for 3 seconds.


This relic is fairly unique. While random evasion chance procs certainly can trigger it, it truly shines when you have ways to reliably evade attacks. Standard arcana that don't lock you down for too long combined with a high DPS basic are excellent at capitalizing on the windows of high damage the mask provides.

Item combos[]

  • Vampire's Eyeglasses and its child relic, Sanguine Attire, allow you to heal on every crit, allowing you to heal extremely quickly when this relic triggers.
  • Leemo's Leaf lets you always evade when dashing, providing a reliable way of activating the mask.
  • Nog's Heavenly Boots add a significant chance to evade attacks, increasing the chances of triggering this relic.
  • Jeremiah's Needle can have its bonuses leveraged if you can consistently activate the mask, increasing crit damage while the decreased critical hit chance is irrelevant while the mask is active.
  • Tipsy Gladius similarly synergizes with the mask, reducing crit chance but increasing evasion, making the mask more likely to trigger.

Spell combos[]

Evading Zephyr lets you always evade attacks when using your basic attacks or while you are moving so it has a strong synergy with this relic.

Additional notes[]

  • The mask may be a reference to Naruto's Anbu Black OPS.