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The Crush Colossus is one the mini-bosses in Wizard of Legend. It resembles a larger Coffin Knight, but with more health and additional attacks.


Spawns with one Coffin Knight and one Macho Ghoul.

  • Rank 1: Jumps towards the player as a Coffin Knight would, though when landing, 6 smaller boxes land around him.
  • Rank 2: Gains the ability to tumble a row of 3 boxes towards the player.
  • Rank 3: Can throw 1 box at the player, can summons two Coffin Knights.


His standard attack hits 3 times. Once when the initial box lands, once when Crush Colossus lands and once when the smaller boxes land.

The hit box of the smaller ring of boxes is noticeably larger than the boxes themselves.

It is recommended to focus the Macho Ghoul he spawns with as it is harder to dodge than the Coffin Knights, especially on higher tiers when it can immobilise you, allowing for multiple hits from the Coffin Knights and the Crush Colossus.

Additional Notes[]

This mini-boss was added in the Sky Palace Update.