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Cushioned Flip-flops
Cushioned Flip-flops.png
DescriptionDamage taken is expended from your signature meter while you have sufficient charge to shield the attack!
Cost28 Chaos gem.png
200 Gold.png

Cushioned Flip-flops is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Damage received is expended from your signature charge to shield from attacks


Defense and Armor don't reduce the damage taken by the signature meter.

Item combos[]

  • Volatile Gemstone drastically increases signature charge (and decay) rate, facilitating a fast stacking shield.
  • Surefire Rocket prevents signature charge from decaying until fully charged, allowing for a large combat-gained shield. Be sure to not let signature fully charge unless desired, as charge will begin decaying.
  • Infinity Marble prevents signature from decaying when fully charged, providing a similar combo to Surefire Rocket. The two relics combined entirely stop this shield from decaying.
  • Limited Edition Robe reduces damage taken to 10% of maximum health, which can increase the effectiveness of the shield this relic provides.
  • Albert's Formula adds signature charge equal to healing received. This can increase charge rate in conjunction with Vampire's Eyeglasses or Spiked Emergency Kit during combat.
  • Wallet of Vigor normally allows you to buy items using health, but in this combination would effectively allow purchase with signature charge. This combo is made even stronger by Limited Edition Robe and Supply Crate, which restocks any relics or arcana purchased.
  • Tattered Scroll's negative effect is suppressed by this item and signature charge will not be completely lost when hurt (only the shielding portion will be consumed).

Spell combos[]

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