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Cyclone Boomerang
Cyclone Boomerang.png
Hurl a rapidly revolving air current that returns to you!
Element Air Air.png
Type Signature
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 15
Hit Count 2
Cooldown 3.5s
Knockback 15
Cost 11 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 1
Id ?
Creates an additional boomerang before returning to you!
Damage 15, 10
Hit Count 3
Cost 175 Gold.png

Cyclone Boomerang is a Standard Air Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Hurl a rapidly revolving air current in the direction you are aiming which returns back to the player after a set distance. The air current hits twice, once when thrown out and once when returning back, dealing 15 damage on each hit.

If enhanced, a secondary air current which deals 10 damage is created when the first air current returns to the player.

Charged Signature: Hurl 5 revolving air currents in an arc in front of you, all the secondary air currents return in sync.


This arcana, as one of the "boomerang" arcana, is excellent for its ability to strike and gather all foes in a room due to its large area covered. Use it to initiate a battle or kite foes together to maximize damage while grouping foes tightly together for a follow-up. This arcana stands out from other boomerang arcana for its relatively fast cooldown and high signature charge, making it useful for Signature-focused builds.

To maximize damage of the charged Signature version, cast it as close to the target as possible.

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