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Earth Lord Atlas

Earth Lord Atlas is a member of the Council of Magic and one of the bosses in Wizard of Legend. He represents the Earth element.

Attacks[ | ]

Attack names are unofficial and are used for purposes of reference

Ancient Earth Drill - Summons a large drill made of stone and rushes towards the player's location for a rapid, multi-hitting attack, similar to Tectonic Drill Tectonic Drill.

Seismic Slam - Jumps in the air and slams the ground at the player's current location, dealing AOE damage with the stone shrapnel created, similar to Seismic Entry Seismic Entry.

Towers of Terra - Raises several sets of impassable earthen pillars in sequence. The pillars deal damage as they rise.

Rock Punch - Summons 3 stones from the ground, then punches them, sending them flying towards the player's location.

Poisonous Ring - Throws projectiles which create 6 toxic puddles on the ground where ever they land, similar to Toxic Trap Toxic Trap.

Mace to the Face - Creates a giant spiked rock mace and slams it into the ground, dealing heavy damage twice in a large marked area. Only used as Boss 2 and above.

Crawling Wall - Summons a wall perpendicular to his position, then pushes it back and forth along a line dealing damage and stunning. Only used as Boss 3.

Tectonic Tendrils (Signature Spell) - Atlas moves towards the center of the arena and slams the ground, summoning 5/6/7 earth rifts that chase the player with good tracking, similar to Terra Ring Terra Ring.

The council members use three of the above attacks when they are the first council member. Each council member adds one more attack before their dance. So the second uses four, the third uses five, and Master Sura Master Sura uses six attacks.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Since he is an Earth-enemy, use Air Arcana against him for more damage. Earth and Lightning Arcana will have reduced effect.
  • Atlas's arena is much smaller than Zeal's or Freiya's, making it harder to rotate around him while he's attacking.
  • After 3/4/5 attacks on levels 1/2/3 respectively, Atlas will stop and flex. This is an opening to attack him, as he will not attack during this phase.
  • Atlas' Towers of Terra and Rock Punch attacks will be performed faster at higher boss tiers.
  • When Atlas uses Tectonic Tendrils, move up or down to get them grouped together, then move in the opposite direction to get around them. This is easiest to do in the corner of the arena. If you have quick Arcana, you can land a few hits on Atlas before they catch up to you, but it may be better to just skip attacking that round in order to avoid damage—the tendrils will chase you all the way back to the centre of the room.
  • Towers of Terra is by far the hardest of Atlas's moves to evade, and getting stuck between two rows can mean a one-way trip back to the marketplace. Because the towers spawn from Atlas's position, you can make your life easier by dodging to the far side of the arena; this will naturally create more space for you to work in. You can also get right up next to Atlas and circle him quickly; this is risky, but causes the towers to spread out so that they don't obstruct your dashes. If you have a keen eye, take note of the order in which the towers appear—each will disappear after a few seconds.

Additional notes[ | ]

  • It's been speculated that Arthur, an NPC standing near the museum portal during the end scene, is actually Atlas in Disguise, based on his hair color and dialogue, and that the two NPCs next to him share similar resemblances to Zeal and Freiya.
  • Atlas' name is directly borrowed from the titan in Greek mythology of the same name, who separates the Earth from the sky. The mythological Atlas transformed into the Atlas mountain range after Perseus killed him, and his hair turned into forests, hence warranting Earth Lord Atlas's name.