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Earthquake Axe
Earthquake Axe.png
Hurl a giant stone axe into the air that crashes down on enemies!
Element Earth Earth.png
Type Standard
Subtypes ?
Damage 30
Hit Count 1
Cooldown 3.5s per charge
Knockback 15
Cost 20 Chaos gem.png
125 Gold.png
Pool 4
Id ?
Increases damage and crash area of axes!
Damage 40
Hit Count 1
Cost 150 Gold.png

Earthquake Axe is a Standard Earth Arcana in Wizard of Legend


This arcana passively builds charges up to a maximum of 2. Each cast uses one charge, hurling a large stone axe into the air which crashes down a short distance in front of you, dealing 30 damage in a large area around it and knocking enemies back.

If enhanced, the axe deals 40 damage and the area it covers is much greater.


Due to the large area that the attack covers, this arcana is very good at dealing with large groups of enemies.

Since the axe is thrown a set distance, you may need to back away from enemies to ensure that they will be hit by it.

There is approximately a 0.5 second delay between casting the arcana and when the axe lands. This can cause enemies that are moving towards you to not be damaged as they may have moved too close to you. You need to predict the position of moving enemies to accurately hit them.

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