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Elixir of Might
Elixir of Might.png
Increases all damage based on how healthy you are!
Type Doctor
Cost 0 Chaos gem.png
 ? Gold.png
ID ?

Elixir of Might is a doctor relic in Wizard of Legend.


Increases all damage (Maximum 25%) based on how healthy you are!


A good relic that goes well with regenerating relics or during a Fall Run. The 25% Damage bonus is pretty high and can stack alongside other damage-increasing relics such as the Sinister Ledger, for example.

Item combos[]

  • Vampire's Eyeglasses/ Regenerative Inkwell/ Vampire's Fangs: Those relics will allow the player to regenerate a parcel of their hitpoints lost, which then can help to maintain the damage boost of Elixir of Might. In Vampire's Fangs case, bear in mind the maximum health reduction.
  • Raspberry Cookie Box + Messy Prescription: Both relics together will greatly help the player to maintain a high amount of hitpoints while maintaining the maximum benefit from this relic.
  • Large Red Button: Will automatically fully heal you at the beginning of each floor at the expense of your maximum health, allowing you to retain the 25% increase in damage at the beginning of each floor.
  • Idealist's Mirror: Both effects can stack so whenever you stay at full health, all your arcana will be empowered and enhanced wich is further amplified by Elixir of Might.
  • Fall: This outfit will benefit the most of this relic, as Fall will naturally regenerate health over time.
  • Pride: Another outfit that will benefit from this relic but bear in mind the dangerous playstyle of this outfit, so consider pairing the relic up with a defensive relic such as Ella's Glass Kite to increase your room for error.

Spell combos[]

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