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DescriptionDesigned by Artisan Tacobowl8, this relic allows you to look quite dashing as you gallop to max speed with ease!
Cost14 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png

Equestricap is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


8% increased movement speed and accelerate to max speed 60% faster.


Equestricap is pretty popular among players, whether because of the aesthetic this relic provides or the speed bonus, the reduced cooldown between sprinting are very good for speedrunning, and can overall make the game easier if you can play well into a faster pace.

If you want a slower, more meticulous playstyle, the speed boost provided from this relic can be detrimental at some points in the game, namely, those with several traps and pitfalls, or by making you rushing towards a group of enemies. Other than this situation, Equestricap fares well into any build.

Item combos[]

  • Unicorn Tail: Combines with Equestricap for the Unicorn Disguise, granting the effects of both items and changing the costume to a unicorn head, along with a rainbow trail effect.
  • Mercury's Sandals: Adds another 12% bonus to movement speed.
  • Quantum Capacitor: Risky, but rewarding relic to greatly speed up the game. Very useful for speedrunning.
  • Autograph Pad: Will increase the speed further whenever your signature is fully charged. You may consider pairing it with other Signature-boosting relics, and Surefire Rocket/ Infinity Marble for increased duration.
  • Spell Thief's Socks: Complements a rushing-speedruning playthrough by increasing your movement speed every time you use an arcana.
  • Hummingbird Feather: Allow you to keep rushing uninterrupted by pits, by allowing you to briefly hover over them, greatly reducing the odds of taking fall damage.
  • Tempo: Good Outfit option for Equestricap to use when speedrunning, thanks to the lower cooldowns.
  • Pace: The Pace Outfit provides a greater speed bonus, but boosts evade rather than lowering cooldowns, making your next run a little safer.
  • Venture: Combines the benefits from both: Tempo and Pace, while also granting a 10% damage boost instead of evade, at the expense of lower maximum health. This Outfit is among the best option to pair up with Equestricap for experienced players.

Spell combos[]

  • Evading Zephyr: The Enhanced version of Evading Zephyr also provides a speed bonus, with the added benefit of making the player evade all attacks and granting the ability to cross through pitfalls, making your run significantly easier.
  • Chaotic Rift: The only Dash Arcana capable of teleporting the player, with the added benefit of making the player untargetable during the dash animation. With the ability to cross small gaps through thin walls, you'll be able to dart across towards the miniboss room within seconds and, with the right combinations, beat the entire Trials within four minutes.

Additional notes[]

  • This item appears on your character model, changing your appearance.