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Frost Blade
Frost Blade.png
Summons icy blades that cut through enemies! Can be charged for boosted effect!
Element Water (Ice) Water.png
Type Basic
Subtypes Melee
Damage 7
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 0
Knockback 8, 8, 16, 20
Cost 22 Chaos gem.png
50 Gold.png
Pool 5
Id ?
Increases size and freeze duration!
Damage 7

7, 15 (charged)

Hit Count 4 per combo

6 per charged combo

Cost 75 Gold.png

Frost Blade is a Basic Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Slash a 180 degree area in front of you with a conjured sword of ice which deals 7 damage. Each combo of this basic arcana is 3 casts long with the third cast conjuring two swords that slash across simultaneously. The attack button can be held on the final cast, causing two additional swords to cascade forwards alongside the final cast and freezing any enemy hit for 1 second. The charged attack also destroys enemy projectiles.

If enhanced, the swords are bigger, causing the attack to cover a much larger area. The two additional swords from the charged attack each deal 15 damage and enemies are frozen for 3 seconds.

The attack button can be held to perform a full combo, ending with the cascade of swords.


You must use the charged attack wisely as you are vulnerable while charging it up. Try to only used it when enemies are stunned or immobilised to avoid being interrupted.

Its wide coverage and ability to freeze enemies makes Frost Blade excellent for crowd control as it can easily immobilise a large group of enemies, opening them up for an easy follow-up. This is particularly notable as Frost Blades is the only basic arcana that can apply freeze, giving you a backup crowd control option that is not restricted by a cooldown.

The freeze from the charged attack gives you a window of opportunity to charge up another attack while the enemies are frozen. This allows you to chain together several charged attacks to destroy enemies with little threat of retaliation.

Since the charged attack destroys projectiles and cover a very large area it can be serve as a good defensive option to clear an area of projectiles if times correctly.

Spell combos[]

Item combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • Since the two swords in the final cast are simultaneous, damage displayed as being one hit of 14 damage when in actuality it is two hits of 7.
  • Frost Blades is currently the only basic arcana in the game that applies freeze.