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Frost Queen Freiya

Frost Queen Freiya is a member of the Council of Magic and one of the bosses in Wizard of Legend. She represents the Water element.

Attacks[ | ]

Attack names are unofficial and are used for purposes of reference

Ice Blade - Dashes to player location, forming a long icicle spinning blade like an ice version of Blazing Lariat Blazing Lariat.

Ice Spears - Summons 3, 5, or 7 Ice Spear Ice Spear (as the first, second, or third boss) in a line in front of her which she fires simultaneously at the player's location.

Giant Water Orbs - Launches 3 giant water orbs around the player's location, similar to Binary Splashdown Binary Splashdown.

Dual Blizzard - Conjures 2 red glyphs on the ground that slowly move forward in a line, damaging and freezing anything caught in their hail storm, similar to Perfect Storm Perfect Storm.

Blizzard Barrage - Summons 8 large projectiles that resemble the Bouncing Bubble Bouncing Bubble and fires them off in the direction of the player.

Aquaaaamehameha! - Unleashes a powerful torrent of water from each hand, moving from her sides to her front or vice versa, similar to Aqua Beam. Only used as Boss 2 or higher.

Avalanche Rush - Transforms into an invulnerable wave of icicles that rapidly chases the player around the room, freezing on contact. Only used as Boss 3.

Snowflake Barrage (Signature Spell) - Briefly charges, forming a line of 20 ice shuriken which she fires in a machine-gun like manner at the player's location.

The council members use three of the above attacks when they are the first council member. Each council member adds one more attack before their dance. So the second uses four, the third uses five, and Master Sura Master Sura uses six attacks.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Since she is a Water-enemy, use Lightning Arcana against her for more damage. Fire and Water Arcana will have reduced effect.
  • After 3/4/5 attacks on levels 1/2/3 respectively, Freiya will stop and laugh. This is an opening to attack her, as she will not attack during this phase.
  • All of her ice based attacks will freeze the player.
  • Freiya's attacks are fairly easy to dodge if you keep moving and maintain a medium distance, but nearly all of them will freeze you if they connect. If you do get hit, expect several follow-up strikes. Avalanche Rush and Icicle Assault can chain-freeze you, locking you in place for several seconds and taking off a giant chunk of your health bar. Each individual hit does low damage, though; if you're having trouble learning Freiya's mechanics, a little bit of defense will go a long way.
  • Dual Blizzard ability can be dodged by walking around the top or bottom of it, as the attack doesn't span the whole arena.
  • Icicle Assault and Blizzard Barrage can be dodged by walking in a circle around Freiya. Keep your distance during Icicle Assault—if you get too close, you'll run out of dodging room.
  • If Freiya ends up in the corner of the arena, it's possible for her water beam to cover the entire play area. Try to keep her off the edge of the room. Freiya moves much less than the other Council members, so during her attack sequence you can bait her Ice Blade to whatever position is most convenient to you.
  • She laughs during her down phase, giving an audio cue of when to charge her if you've lost count of her attacks.
  • Blizzard Barrage and Snowflake Barrage (Signature Spell) can be blocked by Fire Wall.

Additional notes[ | ]

  • It's been speculated that Friday, an NPC standing near the museum portal during the end scene, is secretly Freiya in disguise, based on her hair color and dialogue, and that the two NPCs next to her share similar resemblances to Atlas and Zeal. She comments on the museum (or may be the world of the future), saying "It's a nice place, yes. I'm particularly fond of the frozen delights".
  • Freiya's name may be derived from that of the Norse goddess Freyja, although the connection between the two is unclear aside from name.