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Frost Scimitar
Frost Scimitar.png
Throw out a rapidly spinning sword that slowly returns to you as it slices enemies in its path!
Element Water (Ice) Water.png
Type Signature
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 15, 2
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 3.75s per charge
Knockback 6, 8, 8, -12
Cost 21 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 4
Id ?
Increases the damage and size of the sword!
Damage 20, 2
Cost 175 Gold.png

Frost Scimitar is a Signature Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


This arcana passively builds charges up to a maximum of 2. When cast, this arcana uses 1 charge to throw out a spinning sword of ice that deals 15 damage and stops a set distance from the player before slowly accelerating back to them. If the sword hits an enemy it stops on them and entraps them as it spins, pulling them close to the player while dealing rapid ticks of 2 damage.

If enhanced, the size of the sword is increased and it will deal 20 damage when it flies out.

Charged Signature: Throw out 6 ice swords in a wide arc which linger for a longer duration and deal increased damage.


Frost Scimitar is one of the best crown control arcana in the game due to it's ability to pull in enemies from great range and keep them immobilised for a long duration as they move towards you, providing many opportunities to attack them with other arcana. It's two charges further add to this as you can stack both swords on a single target to increase damage or throw them in different directions to increase their coverage area and deal with several groups at once.

The large size, quick cast time and long active duration of each sword allow Frost Scimitar to act as a very effective projectile defence. It can lock down a large area from projectiles or function as a quick response defence in tight situations and its multiple charges allow you to use it offensively as normal while keeping a charge in reserve as a defensive option.

This arcana, as one of the "boomerang" arcana, is excellent for its ability gather and manipulate the positioning of foes and set up other arcana due to its long active duration. The scimitars will return slowly at first, dragging foes with them and pick up speed as they continue to return.

The trajectory of the returning scimitars can be manipulated by moving after casting, allowing the player to hit enemies that they missed. Use this alongside this arcana's dragging properties to drag foes into pits.

The spread on the Charged Signature gives it insane crowd control as it allows you to drag and immobilise an entire room of enemies. Alternatively, if you want to deal with a single large enemy, you can maximize damage its damage by casting it as close to the target as possible, causing them to take high damage from several overlapping swords.

Spell combos[]

  • In general Frost Scimitar is one of the most versatile arcana in the game benefitting almost any playstyle and build greatly.

Item combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • As the sword speed up towards you they may reach a speed where they will outrun their own knockback, leaving the enemy behind.