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Frost Wing
Frost Wing.png
Race forward on frozen wings that unleash a cone of freezing feathers behind you!
Element Water (Ice) Water.png
Type Dash
Subtypes movement, Projectile
Damage 20
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 5.5s
Knockback 20
Cost 17 Chaos gem.png
50 Gold.png
Pool 4
Id ?
Unleashes additional feathers!
Damage 20
Hit Count 6
Cost 75 Gold.png

Frost Wing is a Dash Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Use a pair of frozen wings to dash forwards in the direction you are moving, throwing out an arc of 4 icy feathers behind you which each deal 20 damage and freeze.

If enhanced, 6 feathers are throw out behind you.

This arcana can be used when on cooldown, however no feathers will be thrown.


Dashing through enemies is a reliable way to freeze them at close range.

Due to the spread pattern of the arrows they do not hit enemies directly behind you. When using Frost Wing, try to dash away from enemies at an angle to ensure that the feathers hit them.

Frost Wing's ability to freeze is extremely useful for a dash arcana, allowing it to act as a frequently usable method of crowd control to set up enemies for other arcana or extend combos while also providing the defensive ability of a typical dash.

This dash can be used to defend against incoming projectiles by dashing away from them since the feathers will destroy them. Keep in mind the blind spot directly behind you and dash at an angle accordingly.

The feathers are not very effective against clustered groups of enemies since they do not pierce, causing only some to be frozen

Be very careful when using Frost Wing around Earth Knights as the feathers may reflect off their shield an freeze you.

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