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Fury of Cerberus
Fury of Cerberus.png
DescriptionImmediately pressing forward into an attack will guard the attack while healing you and freezing enemies nearby!
Cost- Chaos gem.png

Fury of Cerberus is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


A powerful relic that can only be obtained by having both the Ancestral Gauntlets and Bracers of the Beast in your inventory, similar to the Perfect Time Crystal. It is the ultimate parry relic as it combines the effects of all the other parry based relics in the game while adding an additional effect. Like it's constituent parts, Fury of Cerberus allow the player to block incoming attacks by pressing forward into them with proper timing. Additionally:

  • They heal the player for a small amount per blocked attack.
  • They create an AOE blast around the player that freezes all enemies struck by it. In addition, this blast eliminates all projectiles in it.


Item combos[]

Spell combos[]

Since these gauntlets freeze enemies unfortunate enough to be nearby when the player blocks correctly, they can easily help to set up any desired spell combo. This can be particularly useful for unenhanced spells that need to charge up, like Grasping Earth, Shock Nova, Aqua Breaker or Raging Inferno.

Additional notes[]

  • Cerberus is a three-headed dog from ancient Greek mythology. This alludes to the fact that three relics in total are needed to make Fury of Cerberus.
  • This is currently (as of v1.22) the only fusion relic in the game that uses another fusion relic to create it.