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Gale-force Alignment
Gale-force Alignment.png
Unleash a flowing burst of wind that forcefully lines up foes it strikes!
Element Air Air.png
Type Standard
Subtypes ?
Damage 3
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 6s
Knockback -2, 40
Cost 11 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 2
Id ?
Alignment travels further and lasts longer!
Damage 3
Hit Count 12-15
Cost 175 Gold.png

Gale-force Alignment is a Standard Air Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Summon a line of 5 small tornadoes (7 if enhanced) that travel away from you. Each tornado rapidly deals hits of 3 damage and pulls enemies into its centre. The tornado closest to the player deals 12 hits, the second and third deal 11 hits and the final two deal 10 hits.

If enhanced, 7 tornadoes are summoned and each tornado lasts longer, causing them to deal more hits overall. The closest deals 15 hits, the second and third 14 hits, the fourth and fifth 13 hits and the final two deal 12 hits.


Gale force alignment is an amazing combo starter. It can hold enemies in place and do continuous damage. This is great for keeping signature charges up, especially considering it's a spell you can walk away from after casting it.

Enemies hit by Gale-force Alignment are lined up along its length, perfect for following up with a movement arcana or a piercing projectile.

Keep in mind that Gale-force Alignment does not block projectiles.

Spell combos[]

Item combos[]

  • Gale-force Alignment pairs well with relics that have a chance to inflict status effects (e.g. Phoenix Talon, Tesla Coil) due to its high hit count.

Additional notes[]