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Giant's Heart
Giant's Heart.png
DescriptionIncreases max health!
Cost10 Chaos gem.png
125 Gold.png

Giant's Heart is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Increases max hp by 10% of your current maximum.


  • Health boost item - Supplemental early in trial, as a buffer. Less helpful in late trial. You aren't going to benefit from a little health boost when you have a full inventory! Or will you?
  • Big Boy - Start trials with Spirit Robe and Giant's Heart to get a promising constitution boost.
  • Increased heals - Amount healed from potions, health orbs, other relics and Doctor Song are based on percentage (%). More health = more heals!

Item combos[]

  • High health sets might want to benefit from Giant's Heart plus other health boosting relics (Strudy Shoebox or Crocodile Heart) or Spirit Robe.

Spell combos[]

  • None. Spells really don't supplement Giant's heart.

Additional notes[]

  • The 10% health stacks additively with other percentual health modifiers. For example, if you pick up something like the Vampire's Fangs which reduces your max health by 50%, you lose only 40% of your current max instead of 50%. If you have 500 health and pick up the heart, your health will increase to 550. If you then pick up the fangs, it will drop to 330, whereas it would drop to 250 without the heart, saving you 80 health.