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Glacial Cross
Glacial Cross.png
Dash forward and conjure a colossal frozen fist to strike foes!
Element Water (Ice) Water.png
Type Signature
Subtypes Melee, movement
Damage 50
Hit Count 1
Cooldown 6.5s
Knockback 70, 10, 5
Cost 16 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 3
Id ?
Fist explodes and fires off a cone of ice shards!
Damage 50, 10
Hit Count 1
Cost 175 Gold.png

Glacial Cross is a Signature Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Element: Water (Ice) Type: Standard/Signature Subtypes: Melee, Movement

Charge forward and deliver a icy punch dealing 50 damage while freezing foes and knocking them back.

If enhanced, three ice shards will fly out from the fist tight fan shaped spread, dealing 10 damage each and freezing the first enemy they touch. It should be noted that the shards cannot damage enemies hit by the punch, so damage output and hitcount will not be effected

Charged Signature: Charge forward and deliver a rapid combo of three punches which deal 30, 30 and 50 damage respectively and each releasing 3 ice shards, each dealing 10 damage. If you hit an enemy with the first punch they will be locked in place for the first two punches before being flung back by the final hit.


This arcana is fantastic for its crowd control potential against troublesome foes. Use it to freeze a foe into a corner of a room or fling them into a pit. To maximize damage, group foes tightly together so that they are all hit.

The excellent range on the initial charge makes Glacial Cross and excellent arcana to initiate a fight with as you can gain ground before the enemy has a chance to attack. Alongside this, the freeze leaves enemies completely vulnerable to attack allowing for easy follow-ups with other arcana, potentially clearing a room before any enemy has a chance to retaliate.

Glacial Cross' high knockback is excellent for pushing foes into a pit or grouping enemies up for a follow-up. However try to keep your distance from enemies before using Glacial Cross to pit them as you may fall into the pit yourself.

The enhanced version over doubles the range that it can hit from and gives it greater coverage at longer ranges due to the spread of the projectiles, allowing you to snipe enemies with the ice shards from extremely long range if aimed accurately.

Note that certain foes such as Ghouls or Roller Slimes may often interrupt this arcana; be wary of using it against these foes.

For the charged Signature version, the player will drastically slow down once they hit a foe to improve reliability.

Spell combos[]

  • Glacial Cross can act as an excellent setup for Storm Draft when used to knock frozen enemies into walls. Since the enemies are grouped together and near a wall, Storm Draft is guaranteed to deal its additional damage to all of them when cast.

Item combos[]

  • Dark Katana will triple the chance to get critical hits.
  • Stanza of Frost increases the damage of all hits
  • Soccer Cleats increases the damage.
  • Jumper Cables decreases the cooldown to 4 seconds.
  • Wings of Icarus will heal for each foe knocked into a pit.
  • Mystic Monopole significantly reduces the knockback, allowing for easier follow-up since enemies are kept at close range but makes it almost impossible to move or group up enemies.

Additional notes[]

  • Although the enhanced version launches projectiles, it is not considered a projectile arcana.
  • Due to how enemies are locked in place during the Charged Signature, they will be hit by all ice shards from the second punch, but not the first or last.