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Hardcover Textbook
Hardcover Textbook.png
Increases the max number of summons for all summon arcana.
Type Misc
Cost 13 Chaos gem.png
125 Gold.png
Pool 2
ID ?

Hardcover Textbook is a Relic in Wizard of Legend


Increases the maximum number agents that can be active at once for all summon arcana by 1.

There is a hidden mechanic that limits the amount of agents that can be active at once for each summon arcana. By default the limit is 3 and Hardcover Textbook increases it to 4.

This is not to be confused with the effects of Pop-up Primer.


This relic benefits builds that are limited by max cap for agents. Such as those that use Archaic Cheat Sheet and Yuna's Storybook or builds that have a high amount of cooldown reduction.

Item combos[]

   Combines with the Grimoire of Ruin, Archaic Cheat Sheet, Yuna's Storybook, Pop-up Primer and Vampire's Cookbook to create Legendary Library.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • This relic only has a significant effect on agent summon arcana. It has no effect on seekers as their cooldown begins when all seekers are destroyed. Wards don't appear to have a limit to how many can be active at once.
  • Hardcover Textbook previously increased the maximum health of summon arcana before it was changed to the current version in the Thundering Keep Update.
  • The changes listed for Hardcover Textbook on the official website appear to be inaccurate for the changes the relic received in the 2nd Anniversary Update.