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Healing Potion
Healing Potion.png
DescriptionRestores some health!
Cost- Chaos gem.png
100 Gold.png

Healing Potion is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Initially restores 40% of max health, but restores 5% less for each potion consumed.


As the potions become less effective over time, it is often a good idea to save healing until absolutely necessary (below 25% health) as there will usually be enough health drops between the bosses and council members to keep you going until later levels. The 40% heal will mean much more on 3-2 than on 1-2.

Item combos[]

  • Royal Jelly prevents the healing per potion from decreasing.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • The price of the healing potion is unaffected by relics that change store prices, such as Relic Rewards Card or Golden Saber of Envy. The only way to change the price of the potion is with a Health Care Card, which affects the potion specifically. It will otherwise always be 100 Gold.png.