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Heroic Maelstrom
Heroic Maelstrom.png
Burst into the air and summon a whirling ball of water to draw in and blast away your foes!
Element Water Water.png
Type Signature
Subtypes Melee, movement, Jump
Damage 10, 5
Hit Count 12
Cooldown 7s
Knockback ?
Cost ? Chaos gem.png
 ? Gold.png
Id ?
Maelstrom lasts longer dealing more damage!
Damage 10, 5
Hit Count 14

Heroic Maelstrom is a Signature Water Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Element: Water Type: Standard/Signature Subtypes: Melee, Movement, Jump

Briefly create a burst of water dealing 10 damage to pull in foes. You then leap into the air and conjure a swirling ball of water beneath you which deals 10 hits of 5 damage before crashing back down, releasing a deluge of water which deals 10 damage and knocks away enemies.

If enhanced, the ball of water lasts longer allowing it do deal 14 hits of 5 damage.

Charged Signature: Create a larger blast, drawing in all foes, before conjuring a more powerful ball of water which deals 20 hits of 7 damage then crashing down. Moving while atop the ball allows you to slowly roll it around the battleground.


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