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Homing Flares
Homing Flares.png
Ignite a halo of flares that home in on the nearest foe!
Element Fire Fire.png
Type Signature
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 7
Hit Count 7
Cooldown 5s
Knockback 15
Duration 4s
Cost 10 Chaos gem.png
125 Gold.png
Pool 2
Id ?
Summons additional flares and increases duration!
Damage 7
Hit Count 10
Duration 5s
Cost 150 Gold.png

Homing Flares is a Standard Fire Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Conjure 7 fireballs that orbit the player in a clockwise direction for 4 seconds (5 if enhanced). Fireballs target the nearest enemy within range, dealing 7 damage each.

If enhanced, 10 fireballs will be created and all fireballs will last longer before dissipating.

Charged Signature: Continuously conjure fireballs for 4 seconds, allowing for a total of 32 fireballs the be released. The first ring of 10 fireballs deal double damage.


This arcana's homing properties allow it to shine offensively and defensively. Utilize its auto-targeting nature and high knockback by casting it before initiating a battle or when the player is surrounded to keep the player safe. The fireballs will destroy projectiles it collides with, although the fireball itself will be destroyed as well.

The charged Signature excels in boss fights as all the fireballs will target the only foe in the room. It can be used once a Council member's attack phase has ended to ensure a stun or use it during a Council member's attack phase due to its auto-targeting nature.

Spell combos[]

  • Blazing Vault can be used after Homing Flares is set-up to provide additional damage.

Item combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • Shark Mask will only apply to the first initial wave of fireballs.
  • When the fireballs are orbiting the player they do not collide with explosive barrels.