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Horned Halo
Horned Halo.png
DescriptionRevive with low health when defeated but consumes half of current health when picked up! This relic is destroyed on use.
Cost- Chaos gem.png
- Gold.png

Horned Halo is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Revive with 25% of health when defeated (Assumed, revived with 125 at 500 max hp, untested with other max hp values).


Its better to get this relic before healing. Halving health doesnt matter much when you only have 5 health.

Item combos[]

Stacks with Pazu's favourite hat. (Whatever is picked up first will proc first)

When using Fall, the negative effect of this item is nearly completely irrelevant, as you will take half of your health in damage, but, after waiting a couple seconds, you will receive rapid regeneration until you're back to full health.

Taking this item at 1 health will negate the downside of it taking half of your current hp, allowing you to keep the relic without losing health. Thus, this relic combos well with Chaotic Comedy since it sets the player's health to 1, as well as allowing the player to take one additional hit during the run.

Spell combos[]

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