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Inferno Beam
Inferno Beam.png
Unleash a pair of criss-crossing fire beams that damage and burn enemies!
Element Fire Fire.png
Type Signature
Subtypes ?
Damage 15, 16 (burn)
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 5.5s
Knockback 20, 25, 10, 50
Cost 28 Chaos gem.png
200 Gold.png
Pool 5
Id ?
Increases damage and range!
Damage 20, 16 (burn)
Hit Count 1
Cost 225 Gold.png

Inferno Beam is a Signature Fire Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Cast 2 beams of fire in the direction you are aiming which cover a 90 degree area and criss-cross over each other. Each beam deals 15 damage, applies burn on enemies and can destroy projectiles.

If enhanced, the beams have a longer range and cover a wider area. The beams also move faster and deal 20 damage to enemies.

Charged Signature: Cast 6 beams alternating left and right in a 180 degree area in front of you before ending with two large beams which deal increased damage and inflict a more damaging burn.


This arcana's tremendous range and projectile-destroying abilities make it excellent to initiate fights with. When all foes in a room are preparing their attacks, use this arcana to interrupt and damage all of them instantly, leaving them open to follow-up attacks. This arcana can also be useful in a pinch against multiple enemy projectiles, destroying all of them instantly.

The charged signature has a long casting time, leaving the player open to attacks. Positioning the player against a wall will ensure the player is not attacked from behind and interrupted.

Spell combos[]

  • Shearing Chain pushes enemies into a good range for Inferno Beam to follow up.

Item combos[]

  • Agni's Sparkler increases the damage of the burn.
  • Bladed Buckler gives signature charge whenever you destroy an enemy projectile.
  • Singing Bowl will guarantee critical hits after a short period; this arcana's ability to strike entire rooms makes for a good fit.
  • Sano's Headband prevents interruption from foe's attack and can be useful for the charged Signature verison.

Additional notes[]

  • Both beams can hit an enemy at the same time dealing 30 damage in a single hit.