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Inferno Cannon
Inferno Cannon.png
Burst forward with a scorching lunge before blasting away enemies with a round of burning flames!
Element Fire Fire.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Melee, movement
Damage 10, 40, 16 (burn)
Hit Count 2
Cooldown 4.7s
Knockback ?
Cost 26 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 5
Id ?
Adds a secondary round!
Damage 10, 20, 40, 16 (burn)
Hit Count 3
Cost 175 Gold.png

Inferno Cannon is a Standard Fire Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Charge forward in the direction you are aiming before releasing a small blast of flames dealing 10 damage. Followed by a large shot of flames in front of you dealing 40 damage, burning and pushing enemies back.

If enhanced, a second shot of flame dealing 20 damage is performed in the middle of the other two hits.


Since the shot of fire has a long reach but is not very wide, try to line up enemies before hitting them with Inferno Cannon.

The high amount of knockback allows for enemies to be easily thrown into pits.

Inferno Cannon is useful for pushing enemies away from you if you are being surrounded, allowing you a chance to escape.

Spell combos[]

  • Magnetic Breakers pushes enemies away slow enough for Inferno Cannon to still hit the them if time correctly. This is a potent combo dealing high damage and giving a lot of signature charge.
  • Inferno Cannon positions enemies at the perfect range for them to be hit by jump arcana such as Thunder Drop, Seismic Entry or Blazing Vault.

Item combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • This arcana is an homage to Terry Bogard's Buster Wolf from the fighting game series Fatal Fury.
  • Inferno Cannon does not allow you do dash over pits. Instead you will stop at the edge.