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Kali's Flower Diadem
Kali's Flower Diadem.png
DescriptionWhen taking damage that would defeat you, gain full signature charge and briefly become immune to defeat!
Cost21 Chaos gem.png
225 Gold.png

Kali's Flower Diadem is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Once per level, when taking damage that would defeat you, heal 5% health, gain full signature charge, and become invincible for 3.5 seconds.


Item combos[]

  • Phyyrnx's Hourglass, or any relics listed as "At low health" in Healing/Health Relics.
  • When used in tandem with Pazu's Favorite Hat, Kali's Flower Diadem will activate first upon taking lethal damage, then Pazu's Favorite Hat will activate on a second instance of lethal damage, giving you two new chances before death.
  • Spiked Emergency Kit Lets you regain health after taking a lethal hit
  • Using with Wallet of Vigor can allow the purchase of one relic you cannot afford per level. The less money you have when dying to buy an item, the more money you saved.

Spell combos[]

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