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Large Red Button
Large Red Button.png
Regain full health every time an exit portal is used! Max health is reduced and all healing has no effect.
Type Cursed
Cost 25 Chaos gem.png
- Gold.png
ID cursedFullHPOnStartNoHeals

Large Red Button is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Fully heals the player upon starting a level. Reduces maximum health by 20%, and causes healing potions, vampirism, health orbs, and any other relic effects to not heal the player.


This relic requires a playstyle focused on dodging and patience, or at least a highly defensive build, due to its complete removal of healing during a level. High max health, defense, armor, and evade will maximise the effectiveness of this relic. Focus on avoiding damage over dealing it but do not be afraid to sacrifice health to finish a boss, as you will regain all lost health upon starting the next level. Be aware, that you will not regain health between the two phases of the final boss.

Item combos[]

  • Giant's Heart increases max health by 10%. This gives more health for the player to 'fall back on' per level before their next full heal.
  • Tiny Crocodile Heart adds max health per enemy defeated, which will be fully restored upon entering the next level.
  • Super Carrot Cake increases max health every time damage is taken.
  • Mirror Shield provides a regenerating single-projectile shield, making you less likely to be caught off guard by a distant ranged enemy.
  • Shift Cloak provides a 10% dodging chance, helping you to lose less health before a boss.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • A very powerful but dangerous relic. It can carry a run but also end it if the player is not careful since there is no way of healing before an exit portal boss.
  • This item makes the start of a run very easy, since the floors are small and the enemies do less damage. But the further you progress, the larger the floors get, the harder it becomes. Without the option to heal yourself.
  • Be aware that you have to beat both phases of Master Sura without healing, since the healing orbs given between phases become useless.
  • This relic does not interfere with the Fall Cloak's healing abilities.