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Limited Edition Robe
Limited Edition Robe.png
DescriptionReduces damage taken to a maximum of 10% of max health!
Cost23 Chaos gem.png
175 Gold.png

Limited Edition Robe is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Health lost from a single instance of damage is limited to 10% of maximum HP.


At standard 500 maximum health, this relic doesn't reduce the damage taken from many sources, with most instances of damage dealing 25 and sometimes 50. Reducing max health while seeking sources of healing will make this item more effective. The Venture outfit will reduce base health to 300, and cursed relics such as Spiked Emergency Kit, and Vampire's Fangs and Tiny Crocodile Heart (at least initially) will reduce maximum health further. For an extreme version of this, the Pride outfit can be taken instead, though it will be somewhat useless without relics which increase maximum health by some amount.

Item combos[]

  • Spiked Emergency Kit reduces max health and heals slowly on low health, reducing the maximum possible damage taken.
  • Double Toil, Double Trouble, and Nog's Heavenly Boots each double damage taken, which will easily cap most instances of damage, particularly with lowered maximum health.
  • Wallet of Vigor will expend health when making purchases equal to the difference between cost of the item and gold owned. The damage taken will be reduced by this item's effects, which can be highly lucrative, especially when paired with a suitable source of healing. Bear in mind that Healing Potions are essentially a free source of income in this situation.
  • Fall Cloak reduces maximum HP to 100, because of that, Limited Edition Robe can greatly decrease damage taken.
  • Nog's Heavenly Boots decreases overall damage taken, as 45% of attacks now miss you, while the majority of those that hit do no additional damage as they were already capped at 10% of your health.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • Damage reduction will not apply to the health lost from using Savile during the trials, nor to the health lost when picking up Horned Halo.
  • Damage reduction does not prevent Rules of Contingency from dealing its 99 damage.