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Lotus Froststone
Lotus Froststone.png
DescriptionSummons an aura that freezes nearby enemies.
Cost26 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png

Lotus Froststone is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Summons an aura that has a 20% chance to freeze nearby enemies, on a 0.4s delay.


It seems the enemy must have their entire hit box within the ring created by the relic before they will begin to get randomly frozen, thus, even if the enemy is standing on the very edge of the ring they will not be effected. Therefore, you may want to use a build that emphasizes keeping enemies in close range (a melee build for example) that allows the item to activate at the highest efficiency.

Because of how the relic freezes enemies (see Additional Notes), you can position yourself next to a single enemy and allow the relic to freeze them over and over. Typically, this will activate often enough that it will activate before the enemy thaws, keeping them in a perpetual cycle of being frozen and damaged, which can slowly kill them. Note that because the freeze activation is random this cycle could randomly be broken, which could cause the enemy to attack, so be warned.

Item combos[]

Having this and the Permafrost Cube causes enemies to be frozen very often, as each will individually activate.

If you are wanting to pull of the "stand next to the enemy and slowly let them die" strategy (see Strategies), it may be helpful to use Freezing Sprite Naya, as the sprite may help in keeping the enemy frozen constantly so they don't thaw and attack you. In addition, the sprite will aid in killing the enemy.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • Deals 15 points of damage to the enemy it freezes, and this can land critical hits. Additionally, this does contribute towards signature charge.
  • Seems to activate anywhere from 1-4 times every second on average, however, this is very obviously based on a percent chance as it sometimes doesn't activate for a couple seconds, or it may activate rapidly.
  • It does not individually base its activation on each enemy, instead it only chooses one enemy to freeze each activation. This means the item is very effective on a single enemy, but loses effectiveness as the number of enemies rises.
    • In addition to this, it does not "intelligently" freeze enemies, meaning it won't specifically freeze enemies that are not frozen. Instead, it may re-freeze an enemy that is already frozen (which seems to reset the amount of time frozen), or it may freeze non-frozen enemies. Basically, it just randomly freezes.
  • If you're wanting to freeze enemies constantly, and you often find yourself within melee range of an enemy, than this may be a direct upgrade from the Permafrost Cube, as it not only freezes at a similar rate (depending on how many times you are hitting an enemy), but also deals damage, making it have some use during boss fights, unlike the Permafrost Cube.