Mach Stunner

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Mach Stunner
Fire off a series of sound waves that stun any enemies they strike!
Element Air
Type Standard
Subtypes ?
Damage 3
Hit Count 8
Cooldown 6.5s
Knockback 3
Duration 3s
Cost 26
Pool 5
Id ?
Increases the distance traveled!
Damage 3
Hit Count 11
Duration 4s
Cost 175

Mach Stunner is a Standard Air Arcana in Wizard of Legend

Description[edit | edit source]

Cast a series of rippling sound waves that bounce back and forth for 3 seconds, dealing 8 hits of 3 damage and stunning all enemies caught in them.

If enhanced, the sound waves travel further before bouncing and last for 4 seconds. This causes enemies to be hit up to 11 times.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

The sound waves pierce all enemies, making this arcana ideal for stunning groups of enemies before following up with other arcana. Since the sound waves bounce off of walls, casting Mach Stunner at the walls of narrow corridors can cause it to hit enemies more times over the same duration.

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