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Master Sura

Master Sura is head of the Council of Magic and the final boss in Wizard of Legend. He mainly represents the Chaos element, but uses Arcana from other elements as well.

Attacks[ | ]

First Phase

Sura is stationary in the centre of the arena, surrounding himself with a chaos barrier which must be broken in order to damage him.

  • Creates and fires a few uncharged Chaotic Buster Chaotic Buster projectiles at the player.
  • Creates a tell line towards the player before firing a Distortion Beam Distortion Beam 3 times in succession.
  • Fires eight Mortal Coil Mortal Coil spears which remain extended longer and retract more slowly, damaging players who touch them and uses them to drag targets into a large chaos storm centered on himself.
  • Creates eight agents which resemble Null Flash Agent Null Flash Agent a short distance from himself. These agents create four tell lines along the cardinal or subcardinal directions before firing, and repeat the process every few seconds until destroyed. Any agents are destroyed when Sura's first phase ends.
  • Creates several chaos orbs in a line from him to the edge of the arena, aimed at the player. After a brief delay they create chaos storms, similar to Null Parade Null Parade.

Second Phase

Sura becomes highly mobile and dashes around the arena to attack the player. Each cycle he performs 5 attacks in a random order (one of each element, ending in an attack from another council member) before unleashing a chaos signature move. After an attack cycle is able to be stunned, however unlike other bosses he dashes twice during this phase in attempt to evade your attacks.

Standard Arcana: Shock Nova Shock Nova (charges instantly), Flame Breath Flame Breath, Frost Fan Frost Fan, Dragon Dive Dragon Dive (Enhanced), Shearing Chain Shearing Chain

Other council members' attacks:

  • A larger and stronger version of Gust Volley Gust Volley
  • Throws 5 metal balls towards the player, which then connect with Laced Lightning Laced Lightning
  • Fires an Aqua Beam Aqua Beam from both hands forward, then spreads them out to his sides.
  • Briefly telegraphs, then rushes across the battlefield, leaving a flaming trail which a large number of flaming dragons like those from Dragon Arc Dragon Arc will follow in a weaving pattern.
  • Summons three large stones from the ground, then punches them towards the player.

Unique Signatures

  • Similar to the player's Mortal Coil Mortal Coil signature, but telegraphs with tell lines, fires several spreads of spears instead of one, and spears remain extended for longer to snag and damage players.
  • Creates a wide stripe of chaos orbs through the middle of the arena before a chaos storm appears around each one, similar to Null Parade Null Parade.
  • Creates rifts at the center of the arena, before each fires a Distortion Beam Distortion Beam in a different direction.
  • Creates a number of agents similar to the Null Flash Agent Null Flash Agent around the perimeter of the arena. Their behavior is identical to those summoned in his first phase
  • Creates several uncharged Chaotic Buster Chaotic Buster pairs and fires them at the player.

Third Phase

Sura's Third Phase is a hidden phase introduced in the Phantom Update. To activate it, you must break the 2 purple torches in his throne room after obtaining at least 10 chaos arcana.

This phase will immediately remove Rules of Contingency Rules of Contingency and Chaotic Comedy Chaotic Comedy from your inventory.

Sura teleports to the centre of the arena and powers up with chaos energy, changing his appearance. His patterns are similar to his second phase except he is significantly faster and more aggressive, performing 6 chaos attacks per cycle and preforming a signature every second cycle.

Sura is much harder to damage since he now uses Chaotic Rift Chaotic Rift as his dash when attacking (giving him invincibility frames), he is completely immune to damage during his first cycle and the period when he is vulnerable is extremely short.

  • A Chaos Reaper Chaos Reaper combo, but with no break before the start of the charged attack.
  • Creates a tell line, then quickly fires a Distortion Beam Distortion Beam. Done twice in quick succession.
  • Two lunging attacks in succession, exactly like Gravity Onslaught Gravity Onslaught including the status effect, which ignores player's armor.
  • Fires three Mark of Discord Mark of Discord spears in a spread pattern.
  • Mortal Coil Mortal Coil
  • Null Parade Null Parade
  • (Signature) Creates a row of seven parallel Absolute Finale Absolute Finale orbs and fires them towards the player. This attack also ignores player armor.

Additionally, Third Phase Sura's attacks completely ignore percentage based evade (provided by Shift Shift, Antiquated Tabi Antiquated Tabi, Nog's Heavenly Boots Nog's Heavenly Boots etc) and will deal damage regardless, even if evade chance exceeds 100%. Guaranteed evade such as Puffy Parka, Evading Zephyr Evading Zephyr, Cassim's Airy Cloak Cassim's Airy Cloak or Leemo's Leaf Leemo's Leaf still functions as normal, preventing damage.

Strategies[ | ]

The fight consists of two phases. During the first phase Sura is stationary in the center of the stage, surrounded by a Chaos barrier. Deal enough damage to the barrier to shatter it, exposing Master Sura momentarily before the barrier regenerates again. The only way to defeat Master Sura's first phase is to attack him while he's out of the barrier. Aside from the times he uses his Null Flash Agent Null Flash Agent this phase shouldn't be challenging to players who made it this far as his attacks are heavily telegraphed.

During the second phase you fight a highly mobile Master Sura who uses boss attacks and player accessible arcanas alike. Focus on dodging his elemental spells and attack from afar.

  • During each of his attack waves, Sura will use one spell from each element. He will start with four standard arcana, follow with an arcana taken from another council member, then finally cast one of his Signature Chaos Arcana, after which he will stop glowing and be briefly vulnerable to being stunned. During this time, he will dash away from the player exactly twice if he is not interrupted before regaining his powers and returning to the attack.
  • In between attack runs, Sura seems to dash when you use any arcana while aiming at him. If you are close enough to reach him before he dashes automatically, you may want to wait until you're close enough to hit him with a basic arcana, as this can stun him before he's able to dodge.
  • Sura's Null Flash Agent Null Flash Agent creates black orbs that periodically pulse damage zones at you. These orbs can and should be destroyed, as dodging Sura's onslaught is a challenge enough without a dozen little creatures breathing down your neck.
  • Sura uses a mix of short ranged attacks that cover a wide area and long ranged attacks, so if you have trouble anticipating and dodging specific attacks it's best to dodge perpendicular to him.

In his secret third phase, Sura's behavior is similar to the second, but with much less downtime and a new selection of all chaos attacks. All of his normal dashes are replaced with a version of Chaotic Rift Chaotic Rift, letting him cover the ground more quickly and making him invincible while he does it. Furthermore, your window of opportunity to stun him after each attack cycle is reduced to a fraction of a second, and even if you do stun him he recovers more quickly. Even the attacks themselves are executed quickly, make it even more difficult to damage him during his attack phase.

It isn't all bad, however. Though there's less time to anticipate his attacks, the fact he no longer has the same selection of wide-ranging arcana means you don't have to predict which specific attack he's using to adequately dodge it like you often do in phase two. He even does away with his agent summons at this point, allowing you to focus all of your attention on him personally.

  • After he's finished attacking and you can damage him he stands in place for about 1–3 seconds before dashing to another spot to stand again, you have about 6 seconds to attack him before he resumes his phase 2 attacks.
  • Crimson Clover plus Puffy Parka bypasses Mega Sura's evasion nullifier, giving you 20% evasion.
  • Prior to the Sky Palace Update Sura's Gust Volley Gust Volley attack was a close range attack similar to the signature of Spiraling Typhoon Spiraling Typhoon. This was changed to mirror one of Shuu's attacks.
  • Sura's name may be derived from Asuras, divine beings from Hinduism which are related to Devas.