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Nog's Heavenly Boots
Nog's Heavenly Boots.png
DescriptionAdds a significant chance to evade attacks but take double damage!
Cost- Chaos gem.png
- Gold.png

Nog's Heavenly Boots is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Adds a 45% chance to evade incoming attacks, and receive double damage.


Useful for avoiding stunlock and for Evasion focused builds.

Item combos[]

if dodge is calculated before monster critical hit chance, it gives 15% + initial monster critical hit chance to dodge which is reduced by dodge chance. Conclusion Having 50% chance to dodge would theoretically cut in half the benefit of this combo.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • Nog's Heavenly Boots are a reference to the character Gon (Nog spelled backwards) from the anime Hunter X Hunter, who wears the same boots.