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Ominous Loan Note
Ominous Loan Note.png
DescriptionImmediately receive a large sum of gold! All gold gained, with interest, will go toward paying off this debt.
Cost- Chaos gem.png
- Gold.png

Ominous Loan Note is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


On pickup, the item gives the player 250 gold. Starting on the next floor, any gold the player gains while they are in debt goes straight towards that loan of 250. The interest rate is 10% per level (So, when the player starts a level, if they have a debt of 100 gold left, that increases debt increases to 110 gold).


A rather situational relic, the Ominous Loan Note can be useful if the player really needs to buy something at the shop of the current floor. 250 Gold is more than enough to purchase any desired item (Assuming shop prices are not affected by items such as Armor of Greed or Golden Saber of Envy).

However, there are better alternatives such as Glove of Midas that will increase the overall amount of gold found and with the added benefit of it being able to be discarded in the later levels for more appropriate relics.

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