Wizard of Legend Wiki

Your wizard's outfit confers a variety of stat changes, in addition to appearance. At the start of the game, only two outfits are available, Hope and Patience, both of which offer no effects until the other outfits are unlocked.

All outfits can be purchased from Savile in the plaza for 75 Chaos gem.

If Savile is encountered in the trials, he will offer to upgrade the Player's outfit, increasing its effects by a further 50% at the cost of 100 Gold and 100 health (the Player's health will be reduced to 1 if they have less than 101 health).

List of outfits[ | ]

Outfit Effect Notes
Hope Hope + 5% Max health
+ 10% Run speed
+ 5% Damage
+ 5% Crit chance
Has no effect until you unlock the Vigor, Venture, Pace, Awe, and Rule outfits.
Patience Patience + 5% Max health
+ 10% Run speed
+ 5% Armor
+ 5% Evade
Has no effect until you unlock the Vigor, Venture, Grit, Shift, and Tempo outfits.
Vigor Vigor + 10% Max health
- 10% Cooldowns
Grit Grit + 10% Armor
+ 10% Healing recieved
Avarice Avarice + 10% Gold gain
+ 1 Gem gain
Added in V1.2
Spirit Spirit + 20% Healing received
+ 10% Crit heal
Added in V1.1
Pace Pace + 15% Run speed
- 30% Sprint delay
Tempo Tempo - 15% Cooldowns
+ 10% Run speed
Shift Shift + 10% Evade
+ 5% Crit chance
Awe Awe + 10% Crit chance
+ 25% Crit damage
Fury Fury + 20% Signature charge rate
+ 25% Signature damage
Added in V1.1
Rule Rule + 10% Damage
+ 10% Armor
Level Level - 50% Max health
- 50% Damage
- 50% Signature charge rate
Added in V1.2

Each enemy you defeat increases the stats of the robe by 0.25%, up to a maximum of +50% of each stat. Available for purchase upon defeating Master Sura. Savile's enhancement during the trial can increase the max to +75%.

Venture Venture + 10% Damage
+ 10% Run speed
- 10% Cooldowns
- 40% Max health
Becomes available for purchase after defeating a council member for the first time. If Savile is used in the trials, max health will not be affected.
Fall Fall Reduces Max health to 100
+ Health regeneration
Added in V1.1
Max health can not be modified by relics (apart from Chaotic Comedy Chaotic Comedy)
After 5 seconds of not taking damage, health will rapidly regenerate.
Available for purchase upon defeating Master Sura
Savile will refuse to improve this cloak if encountered in the trials or alter it in town
Pride Pride Reduces Max health to 1
Shields disabled
Available for purchase upon defeating Master Sura
Shadow Shadow Copies the stats of your previously equipped robe, providing only a visual change.
Starting the game when Shadow was previously equipped will cause it to have no stats.
Added in V1.23
Automatically unlocked upon defeating Master Sura's 3rd Phase
Savile Special + 5% Max health
+ 10% Run speed
+ 5% Evade
- 10% Cooldowns
Purchased from Savile in the Plaza for 5 gems. This alteration will overwrite all other effects from the outfit you are currently wearing. Pride and Fall outfit cannot be modified. This effect will disappear after your next run, and the outfit will return to normal.