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Perfect Time Crystal
Perfect Time Crystal.png
Signature damage, charge rate, and decay rate increased!
Type Fusion
Cost - Chaos gem.png
200 Gold.png
ID WanderersSet

Perfect Time Crystal is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Signature charge rate and decay are increased by 200% and Signature damage is increased by 25%. In addition, the delay between gaining Signature charge and that charge decaying is reduced from 0.75s to 0.0s. Created by combining the Wanderer's Mechanism and the Volatile Gemstone.


Item combos[]

  • Surefire Rocket will prevent signature charge from decaying, mitigating a potential downside of this relic. Bear in mind that a fully charged signature will still decay at the increased rate.
  • Infinity Marble similarly prevents a fully charged signature from decaying, and becomes much more effective with the increased charge rate this relic offers. It also reduces the impact of the increased decay rate similarly to Surefire Rocket. These two items together will completely negate this effect.
  • Secret Wild Card gives two signature casts per charge, synergizing well with the effects of this relic, though the extra cast may come under some time pressure if the player is too busy with dodging. This potential downside is rectified by using Infinity Marble.
  • Ancient Fountain Pen signature charge damage buff stacks faster.

Spell combos[]

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