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Phantom Order
Phantom Order.png
Command a pair of chaos mages to release a barrage of chaos energies at your enemies!
Element Chaos Chaos.png
Type Dash
Subtypes movement
Damage 5 per bolt
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 5s
Knockback ?
Cost ? Chaos gem.png
 ? Gold.png
Id ?

Phantom Order is a Dash Chaos Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Element: Chaos Type: Dash Subtypes: Movement

Dash forwards in the direction you are moving, summoning a pair of chaos mages behind you which release 3 overlapping spread shots of 10 slow moving chaos bolts, each dealing 5 damage, to cover the area in front of you.

This arcana can be used when on cooldown, however no mages will be summoned.


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