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Regenerative Inkwell
Regenerative Inkwell.png
Using a fully charged signature arcana heals you instead of producing a signature spell!
Type Defense
Cost 28 Chaos gem.png
200 Gold.png
Pool 5
ID OverdriveToHealth

Regenerative Inkwell is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Prevents casting of a charged signature. Casts a normal signature and heals 5% of max HP.


Item combos[]

  • Mobius Quill maximizes benefit of sacrificing charged Signature casts.
  • Albert's Formula will provide continuous healing when one's signature is used. However, use of the signature may cancel the continuous healing until signature is gained again.
  • Family Seal boosts signature charge rate.
  • Volatile Gemstone increases signature charge rate allowing for quicker heals while ignoring the downside of the reduced damage.
  • Surefire Rocket prevents Signature charge decay.
  • Infinity Marble prevents the charged Signature from decaying.
  • Level with Retro Floor Plan will heal you effectively after 2-1.

Spell combos[]

Will fully replenish charge based signatures, such as Distortion Beam.

Additional notes[]

Secret Wild Card decreases signature charge rate but the signature can be used twice per charge. It would seem that this relic would combo with regenerative inkwell allowing for two heals, but this is not the case.