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Retro Floor Plan
Retro Floor Plan.png
Doubles the number of enemies and lowers their health.
Type Cursed
Cost 25 Chaos gem.png
- Gold.png
Pool Plaza Cursed Relic
ID EnemyCountUp

Retro Floor Plan is a cursed relic in Wizard of Legend.


Doubles the number of enemies and lower their health (-25%). Does double bosses, enemies that appear during boss fights, or those that appear in the area leading up to Master Sura.

Can only be purchased from Nox at the Plaza, will not appear in the trials.[Testing Needed]


This is a rather interesting cursed relic. By doubling the amount of enemies in each floor, it will prompt nice combos with a few other relics such as midas gloves, vampiric glasses, etc, and because enemies will be weaker, it will also makes the run a little more safer, provided that the player have a few area-of-effect arcanas equipped to deal with the crowds.

Larger numbers of enemies can also result in more damage from single attacks, charging your signature more quickly. Additionally, double the enemies also means double the drops, not only giving players huge amounts of gold but also increasing the rate at which Chaos Gems, health orbs, and even relics are dropped.

In the right builds and setups, it will work wonders and turn out to be a profitable relic, not to mention that its status as a cursed relic will boost the power of Curse Eater's relics as well, while being barely inconvenient for the player.

Item Combos[]

  • Glove of Midas: Will increase the gold drop. Coupling this factor with the increase in enemies, you will net a higher profit per floor.
  • Journal of Midas: Similiar to the Glove of Midas, it will also increase your wealth by killing five enemies without taking damage.
  • Sinister Ledger: The increase in enemies per floor gives more opportunities to build your damage stacks, so long you don't take damage in return.
  • Tiny Crocodile Heart: The increase in enemies per floor will rise the rate of which you regain the health lost by this relic, eventually building up your health increase in fewer floors.
  • Vampire's Fangs: The extra enemies per floor will give you more opportunity to regain your missing health points, however it will also reduce your maximum health.
  • Vampire's Cookbook: Everytime your minions and active agents kill an enemy, your will regain health and thanks to the higher enemy density per floor, this relic will be able to proc more often, provided that you have the right arcana equipped.
  • Supply Crate: Runs with this relic yield a lot of gold, often more than a player could typically use. Having vendors restock after each purchase increases the probability you can get items you actually need, and you will likely be able to afford them. You may even chose to spend excess gold just to cycle their supply until you get the a relic or arcana that you need.
  • Curse Eater's Mask: As a cursed relic, it will boost the efficiency of the Curse Eater's relics, rising your damage for each cursed relic held.
  • Curse Eater's Vest: As a cursed relic, it will boost the efficiency of the Curse Eater's relics, rising your health and armor for each cursed relic held.
  • Curse Eater's Watch: As a cursed relic, it will boost the efficiency of the Curse Eater's relics, lowering your cooldowns for each cursed relic held.
  • Level: Begins yielding positive modifiers during 2-1 and maxes out some time before the 3rd council member, provided you fully explore and kill all enemies.

Spell Combos[]

Any area-of-effect spells works well with this relic, due to the increased amount of enemies within each floor.

  • Distortion Beam: Powerful chaos arcana to take down multiple targets lined up in a hallway.
  • Null Parade: Similar to Distortion Beam, can be used to take down targets following you through a hallway.
  • Phantom Brigade: Strong arcana that works wonders in clearing rooms full of enemies, that, thanks to the relic, will be omnipresent through the trials.
  • Earthen Aegis: Will protect the player against rushing Ghouls and Blobs, specially in the latter floors.
  • Terra Ring: Close-quarters area of effect arcana useful in small rooms and in dire situations, such as being overwhelmed.
  • Blazing Lariat: Let you open your way through the crowds thanks to Lariat's high damage output.
  • Inferno Beam: Works as a weaker version of Distortion Beam, but can be used as a surrogate for said arcana if it isn't available.
  • Aqua Beam: Similar to the Inferno and Distortion Beams, a weaker variant than the duo, but can be used in the Burning Furnaces instead of Inferno Beam for increased efficiency.
  • Airborne Slam: Useful to leave an overcrowded area and expel enemies on the landing point, also deals a considerable damage from the first impact.
  • Evading Zephyr: Let the user rush through the trials and, when enhanced, safely tread through the hallways without the dangers of pits. When coupled with the Chaotic Rift, you will be able to rush through the trials directly towards the miniboss room. Be careful, as there is a small cooldown before each activation of Evading Zephyr. Demi's Teapot can help a little with the buff duration.
  • Agent arcana can also be helpful, specially when equipped with the Vampire's Cookbook.

Additional Notes[]