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Shock Assault
Shock Assault.png
ElementLightning Lightning.png
SubtypesMelee, movement
DescriptionRide a bolt of lightning to shock foes in the area!
Damage5, 16 (shock)
Hit Count5
Cost11 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
DescriptionIncreases the number of strikes!
Damage5, 16 (shock)
Hit Count7

Shock Assault is a Standard Lightning Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Dash forward in a bolt of lightning while invulnerable. If the dash hits, you deliver a combo of 5 hits (7 if enhanced) each dealing 5 damage and shocking foes. The combo will randomly target nearby enemies causing you to dash between them, before returning you to you initial position before the dash

Charged Signature: Deliver a extremely rapid combo of 31 hits.


This arcana makes it difficult for the player to be interrupted while the attack animation is playing. Note that the player will return to their original position after a successful attack ends, not the position of the foe aimed at. As such, using the attack to dodge projectiles with poor timing may simply place you back in the path of the projectile. To prevent this, dodge out of the way first before using this arcana.

Shock assault is excellent for controlling large groups of enemies since it will apply shock to all of them even if only one is hit.

Grouping enemies tightly together causes each strike to overlap and deal damage to several enemies. This greatly increases the damage dealt by Shock Assault.

Shock Assault does not return you directly to your original position, but slightly behind your initial position. Be careful when using this arcana near pits as this can cause you to fall into them.

It is incredibly important to correctly aim the initial dash of Shock Assault since if it misses you will waste a cooldown and be left in a vulnerable position nearby enemies. Take care when aiming the charged Signature as whiffing it causes you to miss out on high damage and is very unsatisfying.

Spell combos[]

  • Arcana that group enemies together such as Tearing Whirlwind, Entangling Vines or Spiraling Typhoon can be used to maximise the damage dealt by Shock Assault
  • An enhanced Scales of Babylon pairs well with Shock Assault as it will immediately reset the cooldown, allowing you to use Shock Assault twice in a row. The fact that it is very difficult to be hurt during shock assault allows you to use this combination to clear rooms risk-free, all the while charging your signature meter incredibly quickly.

Item combos[]

  • Dark Katana Triples the chance to inflict critical hits.
  • Indra's Copper Pipe increases the damage and duration of the shock applied to enemies.
  • Soccer Cleats increases the damage of each strike.
  • Jumper Cables reduces the cooldown to 3.7s.
  • Chaos Visor can be useful to help with aiming the initial dash.
  • Relics that have a chance to inflict status effects (e.g. Phoenix Talon, Noxious Dappercap, Nerite Shell) are effective when used with Shock Assault due to its high hitcount, especially from the charged Signature
    • Its high hitcount also makes it pair well with Vampire's Eyeglasses, allowing you to regenerate high amounts of health form the charged Signature

Additional notes[]

  • Note the arcana has a cooldown of 5 seconds, but the cooldown begins as soon as it is cast. The attacking animation on hit is active for about 1 second, giving this arcana an effective cooldown of about 4 seconds if hit.
  • In the momentary pause before casting this signature when charged, it is possible for an enemy to walk or be knocked into you, triggering the strike on the enemy and forgoing the dash entirely.