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Sleepy Thunderstone
Sleepy Thunderstone.png
Summons an aura that calls down lightning on nearby enemies!
Type Offense
Cost 26 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 5
ID LightningAura

Sleepy Thunderstone is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Summons an aura that has a 10% chance to call down lightning any enemy whose hitbox is fully within the Relic's AoE (the pulsing yellow circle surrounding the player) after a 0.2 second delay.


Item combos[]

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • The target is chosen randomly out of every valid target within range, meaning that this Relic can strike the same enemy multiple times, even if there are other targets in range that it has yet to strike. This Relic does not intelligently choose/prioritize targets, it is random and this fact should be taken into consideration when using this Relic.